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Excel Worksheet Colour Mapper

ColourMap by Codematic

Turns this:

into this:

The colourmapper colours cells according to their base data type. It will apply different formatting to cells containing formulas, those containing constant text and those containing constant numbers. It can also automatically zoom each worksheet to make it easier to understand the overall structure.

There is no undo the tool assumes you are working on a disposable copy - but it does warn if there are any unsaved changes.

You can change the colour and type of formatting by editing the cells in the options sheet. Borders and light fills were chosen so the different data types were obvious but the cell contents were still readable. The tool simply copies these option cells and pastes the formatting over cells with the relevant data type.

The tool only differentiates between these 3 main types because many more would make it difficult to keep track of what each colour means.

The tools is run by activating the workbook that you want to colour and clicking Tools>> Macro>> Macros>> colourmap5.xls!ColourCellMap.

ColourMap is a simple workbook with some VBA behind. It has been left as a workbook rather than converted to an add-in to make it easy to specify the colours to be used for the various data types.

ColourMap has been tested in Excel 2002 and Excel 2003, but not 2007.

You can download the ColourMapper zip from here.




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New information about the missing FileSearch feature in Office 2007 and details of our pragmatic solution (Current price GBP 30.00)


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Due by Q1 2111.

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(Excel VBA based spreadsheet auditing tool)

Due before the end of 2111.

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